The Specialist Trade Contractors Federation represents the interests of subcontractors and specialist trades operating in the construction industry.

We also advocate for a healthier construction environment with fairer and more equitable contract and subcontract conditions which in the end will benefit the whole industry. New Zealand should be better served by its construction industry.

Failures of construction companies destroy much wealth and cause widespread damage to many subcontractors, supplier and their workers. The cost of these failures is borne by our whole society.

Subcontractors and specialist trades typically account for around 80% of the construction work. They are also the major casualties from construction failures but have little input into the management of the construction companies that fail.

Those who commission buildings, their legal advisors, financiers and the government are those who principally set the conditions that flow right through the industry and it is these contractual conditions that are responsible for the environment in which the industry works.

The Specialist Trade Contractors Federation has been advocating for changes to contractual conditions that will benefit not just our members, but also the wider construction industry.

The Specialist Trade Contractors Federation is represented on several committees and bodies where it can influence the construction environment. It lobbies government, and has appeared before select committees.

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Our History

The New Zealand Subcontractors Federation was formed in 1997 with the purpose of improving conditions for the subcontracting industry. The name was subsequently changed to reflect the inclusion and recognition of specialist trades. The scope of our activities have increased recognizing that a healthy environment for the construction industry benefits all those involved, and the culture is set from the top. Early campaigns resulted in passing of the Construction Contracts Act 2002. The federation continues to work closely with government and the wider industry.